Clinical Cases

Case 1

She advised A/k amputation after multiple opinions.
15yrs old girl with large sciatic nerve tumor wondering since 1yr in Jaipur, open biopsy was done elsewhere diagnosed as neurofibromas and she land up with infected bad biopsy scar with discharging sinus
I operated her 5days back with complete removal of tumor along with biopsy scar and track with dissecting nerve fibers from mass and now she has no neurological deficits and full range of movements of knee and foot
Thank to god to give the chance of saving limb of a young girl in this kind of situation

Case 2

60yrs male k/c/o RCC with metastatic lesion at distal humerus operated by plate 2 yrs back, developed gross deformity at elbow joint, primary disease well controlled, single mets lesion.
Operated 3month before with wide excision and elbow reconstruction with endoprosthesis, post op 20-130 flexion and normal pronation supination without neurological deficits, pt is now able to drive scooter

Case 3

33 years old male k/c/o GCT Distal femur operated in 2009 elsewhere with megaprosthesis knee replacement. Presented with peri prosthetic fracture with implant fracture due to tribal trauma.
Revisions surgery done with removal of broken implants and weakened fractured bone pieces due to severe metallic reactions and reconstruction done with megaprosthesis
Patient is walking comfortably from next day of surgery

Case 4

19yr old boy schwannoma sciatic nerve at level of LT with no neurological deficit, operated 3 months before by microscopic disection of nerves fibres and tumour removed en bloc. Post op no neurological deficit, pt return to his work after 15 days, at 3 month pt has no complaints leading normal life.

Case 5

राजस्थान के डॉक्टर्स की बड़ी उपलब्धि, जटिल ऑपरेशन कर जांघ से निकाली 9 किलो की गांठ

पांव कटवाने हॉस्पिटल पहुंचा था ये शख्स, डॉक्टरों ने ऑपरेट कर जांघ से निकाली 9 किलो की गांठ