Bone & Soft Tissue Tumour

Bone tumours presented with abnormal swelling and pain at limbs, joints and back of trunk. Swelling and pain increase with time and at last either swelling burst and convert in to open wound or tumour spread (metastasis) to other organs of body which can be fatal if not treated adequately, appropriately and at the right time. There are different types of bone and soft tissue that happened at different ages.

a. Primary malignant bone sarcomas- ewings sarcomas, osteosarcomas generally affect young children while chondrosarcomas at old age.
b. Benign aggressive tumours like chondroblastoma, ABC, UBC at younger age while GCT (Giant Cell Tumours) at middle age.
c. Metastatic carcinomas are when primary cancer present elsewhere in body and spread to bones, generally present with pathological fractures and severe pain.
d. Multiple myeloma systemic disease involves all organs including bones and leads to bony pain and fractures.
e. Soft tissue cancers are tumours of muscles of limbs and back with no bony involvement.